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Why choose our medical professional ear piercing service?

Bring your child to our private studio or choose an in home visit . Either way your child will receive our undivided attention for an optimal experience. We use high quality, medical-grade hypoallergenic piercing earrings that are always nickel free.

Our piercing nurse has additional qualifications and training that the average piercer does not; providing added safety, comfort and extra support. Also, our in-home service option means not having to take your small child out into public spaces potentially exposing them to foreign germs and illnesses which can make all the difference. Comprehensive infection prevention education is provided as well as an after-care kit and take home instructions. Additionally, the nurse will follow-up and be available to answer any questions or concerns for up to 6 weeks after the piercing; to ensure happy, healthy healing.

Confidence & Privacy•
Avoid tattoo parlors, adult piercing shops, and busy store counters in the mall. You’ll feel confident knowing that your child’s piercing experience was done by a trained medical professional in the calm atmosphere of our private studio or in the comfort of your own home.